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Foot Guards - More Goals - Less Injuries

Protecting Kids And Adults From Sports Related Foot Injuries

Improving Soccer Skills – Reducing Foot Injuries

Soccer Foot Guard

Combine Foot Protection While Increasing Performance

Patented – One of a Kind

Fits Children to Adults

Why Risk Injuries When You Can Reduce Them

Soccer Players Protect Their Shins But Leave The More Fragile Bones In The Foot Unprotected

Super Tough Rubber Material – Keeps Laces Tied And Helps Protect Feet At The Same Time

Not Just A Shoelace Band


Parents have never been more aware of the dangers in sports than they are today. Football injuries are just one example.

Did you know the shin is one of the toughest bones in the body yet many soccer players wear shin guards?

Our feet have:

  • 26 Bones
  • 33 Joints
  • Over 100 Muscles and Ligaments

Our feet are much more likely to be injured than the shin.

FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) requires shin guards but does not require foot protection.

Which do you think is more likely to be injured?



1.75oz (49.6g) each

Fits Boys Size 4 (USA) to Mens Size 13


Made from proprietary rubber material. Extremely strong and resilient.


The stretchy rubber material acts like a spring. Increases ball speed and distance.

Check out some up and coming players in the video.

The rubber material acts like a spring when the ball is kicked.

This adds power and speed to the ball.

Kids love the protection and play with more confidence.

Help Players Kick Smashing Goals

Younger players sometimes experience pain when they kick the ball hard. Some have been stepped on hard enough to make them shy away from engaging in play.

Foot Guards by Cleattops are used by coaches to help their team play better. Not only do they offer protection so the player is less afraid of being stepped on but the coach can use them to teach.

Coaches show the player what part of the foot to kick with. Coaches show the player to use the Foot Guard surface to connect with the ball. No more “toe punching” the ball!

Create Better Players

Increased Confidence – Players with higher confidence play better.

Have More Fun – Experience the joy of making more goals.

Keep Laces Tied – Use the holes for shoelaces and the pocket on the inside for the shoelace bow. Reduce the time off the field to retie loose laces. Stay in the game!

Tacky Surface – The rubber material really bites into the ball. Players learn how to bend the ball with added spin.

Turning Players Into Winners – Building Confidence – Reducing Injuries

FIFA Approved

$24.95 per set

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How To Wear Foot Guards:

  1. Turn the Foot Guard Inside Out
  2. Place over the toe of the cleat
  3. Flip the Foot Guard so outside is out
  4. After doing it a couple times you will have it down – easy on/off after that
  5. Some people just leave them on the cleat (shoe) when taking cleats on and off
Foot Guard